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Basic paradigm of a business strategy synthesis between economic and ethical necessity. In the st. Fallen school this approach was represented early. Thus, in, ulrich differentiated the top objectives of the company on the basis of two questions: even earlier, the one-dimensional economic rationality was not considered as a goal. The xxx adult photo need for innovation is seen as an essential necessity for economic survival in both approaches. Nevertheless, the ethical reasoning dimension is only to a certain extent recognizable if one does not consider the farsightedness as well as the complexity-integrating orientation of the two concepts. Thus, in his chapter ways to the future, ruse speaks of the need to create intelligent networks in the future in which consensus-oriented group processes.

Probably the best-known, innovation-oriented approach in the classical sense is certainly that of photos schumpeter, which is to be presented here in a fragmented form. In his work theory of economic development from schumpeter distinguishes photos between two different entrepreneur types, the hosts and the innovators (see schumpeter, xvii). With regard to the first type of the entrepreneur, schumpeter summarizes the following in the following way: this quotation in a certain way counteracts the classic economic paradigm, oriented towards static actions, as non-flexible, passive, and counter-productive. The dynamic type of entrepreneurial activity is now to be compared and defined with the dynamic, which, even from this classical economic photos concept, reveals the possibility or even necessity for the adult paradigm shift demanded by ulrich: the hedonistic type attributes adult the property too only to enjoy.

Here, the reference is allowed that this behavior coincides at first glance with mills concept xxx adult photo of utilitarianism, which sartre rejects on the basis of its reasoning by its own conception of responsibility and ulrich. On the one hand, schumpeter attributes to the dynamic type an active, acting moment, on the other hand a special kind of motivation (ibid.). The active moment can be described as a resistance to existing economic conditions, the creative design, the particular kind of motivation suggests that these entrepreneurs want to give the market something new. He sees it as his task to awaken needs and demand for the innovation only if this is necessary (cf. Ibid.). He goes so far as to say that no new machine, no new brand of xxx pics a pleasure product is produced under the pressure of existing demand, but always based on an innovation.